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Nina believes that honouring history, location and architecture is imperative to pushing the boundaries and challenging the rules, individually from client to client.


Nina Nyborg, design studio is located in the centre of old Copenhagen. She has been working selectively with projects and privat home interieur since 2006. 


Slightly daring yet a southing way of using colors, texture and surface materials is the center of her design approach. 

She is also widely recognised for working through a project from A to Z, from building process, surface materials, furnishing, to the very last detail of styling a room. Incorporating and understanding the clients personality, needs and style.

Nina believes that adding the final touch gives the ambiance, edge, personality and warmth that makes a project a home.


Embracing everything from a complete rebuild where she works closely with the client, architects and construction workers and manages both total interior design projects, or interior design of individual rooms in both private villas, apartments and holiday homes. 


In some cases, Nina also decorates professionel spaces if they require a special, personal and unique expression in their decor to portrait their personality and brand vision.

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m.  +45 26 37 57 97


ig.   @ninanyborg

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